A fictionalised account of the disappearance of the emperor penguin nesting colony at Halley Bay in the Weddell Sea in Antarctica.

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash


Floofy, the emperor penguin chick seemed to say, as she waddled after her mother, fast as her clumsy feet and portly form would take her. Her mother turned. The polar sun sparkled on her slender monochromatic form, a little over a metre tall, standing at the edge of the sea ice they called home. She gave her daughter a tired but loving look, crooned a goodbye, and dived headfirst into the frigid waters.

Floofy dived too…

Yes reader, the title speaks truth. “Accurate maps” can lie too. And “official maps”. The whole lot of them lie. Or rather, they have secrets. This seems paradoxical to the purpose of maps, which is to “show the features of an area”. But this contradiction exists only if you are ill-advised in map lore.

Photo by Mark Rasmuson on Unsplash

When used right, all maps hold treasures. A new experience. New fact. New secret. Maps are libraries spread out on a sheet. But just as ruddy MS Excel won’t give away what you want unless you can navigate its (rather annoying) ways, maps are mere pictures…


Reported by Ms. His Tory @ Goose Nook

The Goose Tree is flowering! The oldest tree of Goose Nook, situated in the centre of the city, is now crowned with the famous white feathery Goose Blossoms that fill the goose heart with floofy joy. Go see them, geese!


Reported by Ms. Athle Tic @ Goose Nook

The biggest sporting event of Goose Nook finished with a flourish at the Closing Ceremony on Friday. There were many surprises, some so-not-surprises, and gaggles of giggling geese. We have brought you all the goosiest bits.


Reported by Ms. Athle Tic @ Goose Nook

The biggest sporting event of Goose Nook is here! The Goosolympics — the annual mega goosy sports meet will happen between Goosarch 30 to Goosepril 3 at The Great Goose Stadium. Goose Nookians are in a feather-frizzing frenzy. The Mayor will formally declare the games open tomorrow at the Opening Ceremony (be there at 10am sharp!). Initially scheduled for 8am, the ceremony timings were shifted because the Mayor wished to “preserve her sleep habits”. Lazy goose.

Gender sensitivity in conversations on women’s health

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

The human mind has a habit of classifying things — this type and that type, this is good, and that is bad, edible mushroom or poisonous mushroom. This tendency of neurons is also the well-spring of stereotypes, biases, and exclusionary thinking. On such is gender bias. Read on to find out why gender sensitivity is important in conversations on women’s health, and how hiring sensitivity readers can help.

A step-by-step guide to doing a project

What exactly is a project? It’s something that makes you either a discoverer or an inventor. Either you discover the answer to a question. Or you invent a solution to a problem. Basically, you decide an objective, and figure out a solution. Will you find a way to count penguins from space? Make a robot that dances? Solve a tricksy math problem? Build a unique herbarium? Create code, prototype, or art that solves a social issue?

From where you stand, it could seem like a mountain to climb. Let me lay out an A-B-C of your trek. …

What are you looking at?

Ooo, so much penguin knowledge with a fun story!

Co-author: Sahana Shankar

You are watching The Wailing Walrus Show hosted by the inimitable Wailing Walrus. Today, she’s in Antarctica with a special guest.

Walrus: Hello Hello!
Welcome to The Walrus Show with myself, the Wailing Walrus, and Seagull the Seagull on the Camera. Seagull? Where are you? Seagull!

<<Watch the view from Seagull Cam>>

Walrus: Oh, whatever, we’re here in the freezing icy windy white land of Antarctica. And today’s guest is going to be the most famous creature on this continent — a penguin!
Seagull! Take some pictures of Ms. Penguin!


Reported by Ms. Timekee Per @ Goose Nook

Mayor Gooseworth has got widely varying reactions for the new ‘goosier’ calendar she announced on Goosarch 15. From supporters welcoming the ‘liberatingly free calendar’ to business-geese rueing the ‘productivity loss’, Goose Nook has been in a huff.

Ashwini Petchiappan

Sea turtle researcher at Indian Institute of Science. I like science, writing, and science writing.

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